20 june 2023
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Russia needs Kazakh beef

Russia needs Kazakh beef

This was stated at an international conference on livestock "LEPSI 2023" by Head of the National Union of Beef Producers of the Russian Federation Roman Kostyuk, reports World of NAN.

The only obstacle for the active export of Kazakhstani beef is an issue related to epizootic safety. Note that the World Organization for Animal Health has not confirmed Kazakhstan's status as a country free of foot-and-mouth disease. Kazakhstan needs to fulfill the conditions of the bureau and then export markets will open for cattle farmers. 

"We in Russia need beef meat from Kazakhstan. The minimum volume that we would like to see is 100-150 thousand tons of meat. However, these are significant figures for Kazakhstan, which with today's livestock is impossible to fulfill. But we must think strategically and for the future. We know the breeding cycle from getting a female to a 3 to 5 year old bull. And if there is no collapse today, in 4-5 years it will be obvious that Kazakh meat is needed," said Roman Kostyuk.

Thus, Russia could become the largest consumer of Kazakh meat. But it should be remembered that the demand for Kazakhstani beef is also growing in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China.

"Unfortunately, Russia decreases its livestock every year. We are falling both in the dairy direction and in the meat direction. This is happening little by little, we are not even growing and there is an explanation for this, we specialize in other areas," the expert added.

According to his assessment, Kazakhstan has huge prospects for the development of beef and lamb production. And Kazakhstan is one of the few countries that can increase the number of livestock and meet market demand. In general, according to estimates of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in thirty years the world will have a beef deficit of 2-3 million tons. Therefore, the prospects for the development of cattle breeding in Kazakhstan are enormous.


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