06 april 2023
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ACROS 595 Plus: When you need more 

ACROS 595 Plus: When you need more 

ACROS combine harvesters have long proven themselves as the optimal solution for large-area farms. Nondemanding and tolerant to weather conditions, but fast, reliable and productive, they do not lose their relevance from harvest to harvest.

All the advantages of this line are concentrated in the most powerful model - ACROS 595 Plus. It is a multipurpose combine harvester, which is designed to work with any grain and leguminous crops - from early cereals to rapeseed, groats, corn to grain and sunflowers. It is best to use the combine on large areas with medium to high yields - from 30 cwt/ha. Then the machine will reach its full potential and allows you to harvest more than 1,250 hectares per season.

Do not be afraid to overload this harvester, its element is heavy work. That's when you want more from your machine: power, reliability and results. Reliable and undemanding YAMZ engine with power up to 330 hp is installed on ACROS 595 Plus.

The engine has been tested by loads and years of operation, it provides sufficient reserves for any heavy work, which in combination with the reliable hydrostatic transmission allows the combine to go ahead at a confident speed.

ACROS harvesters are not only appreciated for their power.  The ACROS 595 Plus is the perfect combination of high throughput and low sensitivity to difficult ground conditions. The harvesting quality of this combine is consistently good whatever the conditions.

Particularly thorough threshing is ensured by the unique MMS - the largest 800mm diameter drum in its class, this system ensures high capacity at high speed and versatility - the classic scheme is easy to convert and is used in most crops. Thanks to the large deck area, 90-95% of the grain is already threshed in the subdrum. Unthreshed ears go to the autonomous aftergrinder, a three-blade rotor, where the mass is evenly distributed across the whole width of the swath board to go through the whole cleaning cycle without risk of overloading the sieve.

A distinctive feature of the ACROS 595 Plus is the improved inclined chamber. It is equipped with an accelerating beater, which organizes a uniform and, most importantly, a full loading of the threshing chamber. The correct threshing geometry - long and smooth - ensures minimum damage and high grain quality. The straw is also of high quality. Depending on the intended use, the straw can be chopped and scattered or deposited in a windrow. An adjustable chopper spreader is available as standard equipment.

The ACROS 595 Plus is equipped as standard with the original Power Stream cutterbars in varying widths (5 to 9 meters) with ground contour following function.  The cutterbars guarantee a good cut, even at high speeds, which increases throughput, while losses behind the cutterbar are kept to a minimum.

You can also choose between the ARGUS 6-row or 8-row header for corn harvesting, the FALSON 8-row or 12-row header for sunflowers, the Float Stream headers with flexible chopping unit adapted to follow ground contours, suitable for soybeans, spiked and flax crops, the front attachment for rapeseed harvesting, the legume and cereal seed cleaning kit.

The combine harvester works perfectly in difficult conditions and on difficult crops. The traditional problem of clogging of the threshing drum is solved by the deep-drum Jam Control, which you can use from the cab without stopping the combine. Add to this the good driving characteristics and you get a competent solution for areas with high moisture and straw content.

Another decisive factor for the efficiency of the combine is the operator comfort. There are no doubts about the machine. Spacious Comfort Cab II with panoramic windows, climate control, increased noise and dust protection, a high ceiling, a refrigerator, a comfortable seat and ergonomically located controls are the first feature of the ACROS 595 plus.

The second is the simplicity of settings, automation and optimization of a number of processes. The on-board system enables you to preset the preset settings for all crops, suggest the best settings for your harvesting conditions, keep statistics up to date and show you the error code. The computer detects any alarm conditions and tells you which settings are required for your particular crop.

To find out more about the ACROS 595 Plus, please contact your nearest dealer. Your nearest, literally. After all, this is another absolute advantage of Rostselmash: both the equipment and everything you need to service it, are always close at hand.


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