09 october 2020

Interview with Holgаr Kollеy on cooperation of Germany and Kazakhstan in the field of agriculture

In 2020, business owners were forced to adapt to new trends and working conditions amidst the pandemic and widespread quarantine. Thus, some had to change the format of their operations, while others had to look for new products and markets.

The agricultural sector has not been left behind in this respect, which is why many agribusiness owners are now actively looking for new niches and areas of business.

For example, production and export of medicinal plants, as well as processing products of rapeseed and flax to Germany may present prospects for Kazakh entrepreneurs.

In an interview with our correspondent, Dеputy Hеаd of Mission of the Еmbаssy of Gеrmаny in Kаzаkhstаn Dr. Holgаr Kollеy spoke about cooperation in the field of agriculture and about the most promising projects, which could be of interest to entrepreneurs of the two countries.

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