10 june 2021

International livestock exhibition EuroTier China

International livestock exhibition EuroTier China

EuroTier is the leading international livestock exhibition in Asia. The global event is scheduled for Oct. 18-20 in Nanjing, China.

The new exhibition is the ideal platform for agricultural enterprises to tap into the growing livestock market and seize the opportunity to help shape the future of livestock farming in China.

EuroTier China offers a full range of products and services for livestock professionals, from technology, services and genetics to farm and other areas. It provides access to advanced technological know-how, developments in international agricultural markets and provides effective structures for interacting with international experts and transferring experience. The program and information is tailored to the specific challenges of the farming world in the region.

Exhibition Profiles:

- Animal breeding, breeding programs, trade, breeding technology

- Feeds and other farm materials

- Feed storage, feed production

- Livestock farming and construction of agricultural buildings

- Care and feeding technology

- Controlled environment and environmental technologies

- Milking and cooling technologies

- Manure and slurry management technologies

- Transportation Facilities, Transportation Services

- Processing and marketing

- Equipment & Accessories

- Management and consulting services

- Training / continuing education, associations, media

- Environmental Protection