05 april 2022
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The Union of Field Farmers does not recommend increasing the area of safflower

The Union of Field Farmers does not recommend increasing the area of safflower

According to some experts, sowing safflower is the way out for the changing climate in Kazakhstan. However, the Union of Field Farmers of the country does not advise allocating most of the area for the crop. Viktor Aslanov, the Union's chairman, explained to World of NAN why it might not be profitable.

According to him, the Union took part in the propaganda of sowing safflower. Because it promotes the rise of moisture from the lower horizons of the soil and fights desertification of the land. Thus, in arid climates safflower is the best crop for crop rotation with wheat. That's why the crop has become popular among domestic farmers.

"We see a current trend. Some farmers are giving half of their acreage to the crop. But we never recommended such a thing, it's not very balanced. The union has always recommended planting crops in a share ratio. Because we need to think about economic attractiveness. Today there is a fear that Kazakhstan will have an oversupply of safflower, and it simply will have nowhere to export, "- explained Viktor Aslanov.

But the arid climate, if you believe weather forecasts, is not going to retreat from the land of Kazakhstan, and farmers need tools to retain and conserve moisture. In this regard the expert advises to take a closer look at combing harvesters. The black color of the land attracts solar radiation, so farmers are faced with the task of making the color of the land surface lighter. This can be accomplished by leaving roots that will stop evaporation and retain more snow.

"The effectiveness of combing cutterbars has been proven by farmers in Kazakhstan. In recent years, the technology is gaining popularity, we have companies that have brought their areas to almost 100%. If farmers fear for the remains of the roots, there will be no problems during sowing, we have such temperatures that everything rots," the expert added.

The expert also recommends a system of zero tillage. Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan, No-till technology discredited itself in the early twenties, when the state had an administrative approach to the introduction of technology.

"When the state financially stimulated no-tillage, everyone rushed there without properly studying the technology. And it's not that simple here. You don't have to introduce the technology drastically. The first thing you have to have is technology. The execution of all activities is also important. People heard 2-3- points out of 15, and they got burned. Now the reputation of the technology is ruined, although the world has proved its effectiveness, "- said Viktor Aslanov.

Another way to combat drought, according to the expert, is cover crops. When the main crop is in the upper horizon. The second crop can be fodder. Thus, farmers will have more mass, and the land will be covered with stubble. The expert added that in the first 2-3 years it will cause a little stress. But then the biomass accumulates, the soil becomes looser and deeper, due to which moisture is accumulated.


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