Leasing types from "KazAgroFinance" for agricultural producers were introduced to entrepreneurs

30 january 2021
4 min
Leasing types from

The final day of the course "Innovation in agribusiness", conducted by the Center for Entrepreneurship Support Qolday, was dedicated to the topic of funding for businessmen by KazAgroFinance JSC and the advantages of growing certain vegetable crops, World of NAN reports.

Very informative presentation for the students was made by Assel Koramsakova, who spoke on behalf of KazAgroFinance. The joint-stock company was established by the Government of the country to assist the renewal of the technical park in the agricultural sector.

In her speech, the speaker focused on leasing issues in the agricultural sector, and spoke about the types of leasing provided by the financial institution.

A. Koramsakova noted that the joint-stock company have been providing leasing services to entrepreneurs for purchase of special equipment for agro-industrial complex for 20 years. And during this time the product line, according to the specialist, is only expanding.

The maximum leasing term is 10 years, the size of the advance fee, annual rates and the percentage of government subsidies depend on the type of leasing, the speaker emphasized.

Thus, the leasing of vehicles for transport of agricultural goods, fish products is offered at 17% per annum. Leasing for the renovation or modernization of equipment can be obtained only by previously financed customers, who once signed a lease for the implementation of their investment projects.

An interesting and most importantly relevant area is the leasing of the purchase of drones for agricultural needs and the purchase of equipment for land reclamation works. The speaker also focused on the special conditions that are taken into account when purchasing drones. As it turned out, the leasing process requires operating specialists, software, and permits.

Entrepreneurs wishing to lease freight cars for the transportation of grain and other agricultural products must provide at least 15% of the advance payment. Mandatory condition, according to A. Koramsakova is the insurance of purchased wagons.

Kazakh producers of agricultural machinery and vehicles of domestic assembly can easily apply for leasing from KazAgroFinance. It is for their support that the "Made in Kazakhstan" financial portfolio operates. Entrepreneurs have to make an advance payment of at least 15% of leasing value, and the state in its turn will provide investment subsidies of up to 25%.

Businessmen can also count on subsidies from the state under the "Reliable Farmer" program. Moreover, under this line machinery is leased without a down payment. The program is a loyalty program for bona fide borrowers of KAF, who already have experience of cooperation and fulfill their obligations to the financial organization in a timely manner. Leasing is executed for up to 10 years at 17% per annum. In this case the subject of leasing can be agricultural machinery worth up to KZT 100 million.

Leasing under KAF is also available for the subjects of agribusiness in the field of crop and livestock production. In this direction the lease term is up to 10 years. Entrepreneurs may buy agricultural machinery worth up to 150 million tenge. The leasing period is minimal and documents are considered within 5 working days. There is no need to confirm the income. 

During her presentation the representative of KAF highlighted such programs as "Secondary leasing" for acquisition of second-hand machinery and "Master leasing", when an entrepreneur is given a non-monetary loan with an open term. In other words the businessman himself decides at what moment to use the KAF service, for example to take the equipment at the beginning of sowing works or when preparing for the harvest, etc.

Summarizing her speech, A.Koramsakova emphasized that the law regulates the terms of leasing contracts. The minimum term is 3 years. It is necessary to make a partial payment during 3 years, and it is possible to close the "credit" completely only after expiration of these 3 years. And there are no penalties on the part of both the state and the KAF, the speaker said.

The seminar continued with a lecture by the moderator, business-trainer and the inspirer of the course L. Lazareva on the advantages of growing certain crops.

Course participants learned a lot of new information about such vegetable as amaranth. According to L. Lazareva, Kazakh farmers could easily grow this unpretentious vegetable. It is very rich in natural trace elements and is popular among adherents of proper nutrition. Amaranth is used to make a healthy flour, and all parts of the plant, from seeds to stems, are edible. Amaranth can also be used not only as food for humans but also to prepare feed for cattle. Fiber contained in the plant, according to L. Lazareva, favorably affects the digestive system of animals.

The participants also considered the profitability of growing mustard, horseradish, rapeseed and many other crops.

The intensive, highly informative two-week entrepreneurial experience exchange course ended on a pleasant note. The moderator of the seminar thanked all the speakers who generously shared their knowledge and wealth of experience. The course participants, in turn, praised the high organization of the seminar and expressed the hope that such motivating events will find a continuation.