01 april 2020

Corresponding-member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of History, professor, prominent scientist – Khankeldy Makhmutovich Abzhanov

Shokan called this time of the 18th century as "the harrowing and bloody century, the age of the braves." We must know that even in that difficult time the people did not die of starvation and did not disperse, this suggests that they had enough cattle. The colonial policy of  the tsarist government, carried out in the 19th century, destroyed the system of the public authorities and Kazakhs were forced into unsuitable areas for sowing and cattle breeding. How did the difficult century unfold, which poets called “mournful times” in their works? How did the World War I affect the situation of the people? Watch an interview with professor Khankeldy Makhmutovich to know the occasions of these years.

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