16 october 2020

"Harvest hunters": Khodjanazarov Aidarbek

There are things in the world whose value cannot be measured. These include air, earth, water and sun. You can also add bread to this list - an ancient product of human labor that is always in demand. A loaf of fragrant rye bread, hot flatbread, lush baursaks - all this we regularly see on our tables, and do not even think about how much effort and resources it takes to grow bread. In fact, it is a hard work that does not tolerate any mistakes.

Every year on October 16 the World Bread Day is celebrated. It is on this date that we dedicated the first issue of our new documentary special project "Harvest Hunters", the hero of which is the general director of "Olzha Agro" LLP Aidarbek Khodjanazarov.

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