Real-time agrochemical analysis: new horizons for successful agriculture

Real-time agrochemical analysis: new horizons for successful agriculture

The era of intuitive farming is over: agrochemical analysis is becoming an indispensable tool and the basis for the agricultural work of the modern farmer. Such analysis allows to reasonably optimize the use of fertilizers, controlling the amount required for a given field, preserve the quality composition of the soil, increase yields and improve product quality, as well as ensure economic efficiency and maximize company profits, World of NAN reports.

Moreover, soil agrochemical analysis contributes to environmental efficiency - the informed use of fertilizers helps preserve soil fertility and prevents environmental pollution.

With the advent of new technologies, agrochemical analysis is becoming more accessible and efficient: today you can get real-time results of your fields.

This is what STENON's innovative soil analysis solution offers.

Farmers can learn about key soil parameters such as ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, organic matter and pH in just one minute. All data is fed directly from the field into a convenient web application where it can be analyzed and used in the next steps of the operation.

There are three ways to perform analysis on your fields:

1) Order a soil analysis service, which is a package offer with several digital solutions and support from Eurasia Group Kazakhstan's agro-management department.

2) Rent and perform soil analysis yourself.

3) Buy a sensor and perform the work at any convenient time for you.

The guarantee of accuracy of analysis from STENON company is confirmed by detailed research: before release to the market the product was calibrated and tested on more than 150 fields throughout Kazakhstan, and the analysis data were checked with laboratories in Kazakhstan and Germany. This approach ensures the reliability and validity of the data obtained.

The STENON Soil Analyzer is not just a tool, it is the path to sustainable agriculture in Kazakhstan. Backed by reliable data, it helps agricultural producers achieve outstanding results and strengthen their leadership in the global agricultural arena.

Now STENON's solution is also available in the Kyrgyzstan market.

The official partner of STENON in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is Eurasia Group Kazakhstan.

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