The British intend to solve the problem of irrigation in Kazakhstan

The British intend to solve the problem of irrigation in Kazakhstan

"KAZAKH INVEST" held talks with the management of the British company "Concrete Canvas Ltd.", during which the parties discussed the possibility of building a plant, the World of NAN reports with reference to the JSC.

To date, the company has opened a representative office in Kazakhstan. United Concrete Canvas Ltd. is working on studying the needs of the country's market and negotiating with relevant ministries and local executive bodies of a number of regions. Initially the company planned to localize production on the territory of the Russian Federation, but due to the geopolitical situation the choice was made in favor of Kazakhstan.

According to the representatives of the company, the planned project will solve the current problems of construction and reconstruction of irrigation systems in Kazakhstan by means of innovative technology Concrete Canvas. In particular, the implementation of the project will significantly improve the operational reliability of irrigation systems, eliminate water loss in the agro-industrial complex of the country and reduce budget expenditures for programs of renovation of canals, protective dams and other objects of civil infrastructure.

The company produces geosynthetic cement composite mats that eliminate water loss during filtration, while maintaining durable material properties. The basis of the technology is a rolled multi-component material with cement filler, which quickly hardens when hydrated, forming a thin, strong, reinforced and waterproof concrete layer of specified flexibility, thickness and shape. A feature of the technology is the increased speed of installation. It also uses 95% less material than concrete mortars, which significantly reduces the environmental impact.

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