Kazakhstan's agrarian science achievements remain only on paper

Kazakhstan's agrarian science achievements remain only on paper

Senate Deputy Chairman Zhakip Asanov criticized agrarian scientific activity at a government hour, World of NAN reports.

The country has three special agrarian universities, 34 research institutes and centers, and experimental stations. About 2,500 scientists work there.

"But it's hard to say that all of this is doing much good. We get a lot of what the farmers need from abroad. We import wheat seeds, mineral fertilizers, machinery. We can't introduce scientific developments that improve soil fertility," Asanov said.

The situation is the same in livestock breeding, he said. All innovative technologies are supplied from abroad. Therefore, it is not clear what agrarian science is doing. For the last 20 years it has been conducting endless reforms.

"Domestic scientific achievements remain only on paper and are not implemented in production. We are not against bringing some technique and technology from another country. It may be effective. But our science should be engaged in this," the Deputy Chairman of the Senate emphasized.

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