Farmer ready to build houses for flood victims

Farmer ready to build houses for flood victims

Samat Kaldygulov, the founder of several agricultural formations and enterprises in the Aktobe region, has expressed readiness to build houses for flood-hit countrymen and employ them in his enterprises, World of NAN reports with reference to NCE.

"Everyone should help people in whatever way they can. Our peasant farm, Reimkul, operates in Amangeldy village in Alga district. It is 45 kilometers from the district center. Here we are ready to start construction of 15 residential houses at our own expense. Five will be allocated to families from among workers or residents of the village, 10 more houses we are ready to provide to families whose houses were damaged in floods from the emergency areas of our region and are ready to move to Amangeldy. Besides, all of them can be sure of employment at our enterprises. We shall not leave anyone to suffer such misfortune. Our strength is in unity and mutual help", - says the entrepreneur.

From the first days of the natural disaster in the region, Samat Kaldygulov and his employees responded to the cry for help. Aibek meat processing plant is helping these days with canned stew and meat.

In the village, where the farmer is starting to build houses, a House of Culture has been erected at the expense of the entrepreneur, and water supply has been brought to all houses by the farm.

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