Farmers are losing crops due to a shortage of storage facilities

Farmers are losing crops due to a shortage of storage facilities

The problem is particularly acute in the south of the country, especially during the off-season, when there are risks of price hikes. For example, in Shymkent, only 38% of the harvest can be stored, World of NAN reports with reference to

Farmers are trying to sell the harvest faster before the frosts come. There is nowhere to store the harvest, and building a storage facility is very costly.

"Many people come to me and ask me to store their crops. But I have a vegetable storage for 1200 tons. At the moment I keep my produce there, fruits and vegetables. So it is necessary, I think, to increase vegetable storages in Shymkent, Turkestan region," Abduakhat Irsimbetov commented on the situation.

Farmers without storage facilities lose not only their crops, but also their profits. Prices skyrocket during the off-season, and few can capitalize on them.

Now in Shymkent they are finishing the construction of 2 large storage facilities. Another 12 are in the queue. In Turkestan region by 2025 there will be additional modern warehouses built for 92 thousand tons. But these are only plans for now.

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