Is the state conspiring against vegetable growers?

Is the state conspiring against vegetable growers?

Not long ago World of NAN reported that Kazakhstan banned the export of onions. The reason for this was its shortage on the market, and information about export restrictions in other countries. However, according to QazTrade, Kazakhstan has now agreed to supply onions from Tajikistan. What are vegetable growers to expect?

By shutting down exports, the state automatically deprives farmers of higher profits. It would be OK if quotas were introduced and farmers could earn at least a little, but no! The export of onions from the country was completely closed, and at the same time they agreed to supply onions from Tajikistan.

Now with the increased supply, the price of onions will be less profitable. Moreover, the Tajik side provided a tariff discount for transporting onions by rail. This means that logistics will not play its part in raising prices and the risk of dumping prices is high.

In total, Kazakhstan has agreed to supply 6,000 tons of onions from Tajikistan. And while the Tajik managers think about their farmers and give them an opportunity to earn money on exports. Ours, on the other hand, do not give a damn about domestic farmers. The main thing for them is to saturate the market with cheap products and not to listen to people's aspirations and criticism of higher officials.

In general, such actions can be regarded as a conspiracy in the part of the state. But what is the point in conspiring against vegetable growers and depriving them of their livelihood? Perhaps there is no conspiracy, but there is inconsistency in our actions. While one side prohibits exports, the other side is already establishing imports, and no one is thinking about the farmers. But by depriving vegetable growers of profit, the government itself prevents the development of the industry. If the farmer has no extra money, he will simply have nothing to invest in the development of the farm. How can they develop then?

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