Imported cucumbers deprive vegetable growers of earnings

Imported cucumbers deprive vegetable growers of earnings

Mangistau farmers cannot compete in price with imported vegetables from Iran. They told Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin about this, reports World of NAN citing the government.

"During the season, cucumbers from Iran are actively imported to us and they sell them at almost half the price of our local products. For example, Iranian cucumbers are sold for 500 tenge per kg, while local cucumbers cost 1000 tenge," said Doctor Agro LLP director Bairam Kazym.

It's important to note that in Iran, half of the cost is subsidized by the government, which is not the case in Kazakhstan. This allows residents to purchase cucumbers at a lower price. However, farmers believe that local cucumbers are much more environmentally friendly, as they are not treated with various fertilizers to preserve freshness during transportation.

In turn, Serik Zhumangarin informed about the possibility to get subsidies for owners of farm greenhouses. For this purpose, it is necessary to bring greenhouse farms in compliance with the national standard. The Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology will help farmers in this. Also, taking into account the prospects for the development of greenhouse farms in the region, Deputy Prime Minister proposed to create an industry association on the example of Turkestan region.

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