John Deere equips tractors with precision crop spraying system

John Deere equips tractors with precision crop spraying system

A major U.S. company that makes agricultural, construction and forestry equipment is getting into the precision spraying of some crops with an innovator company that develops smart guidance systems, World of NAN reports.

John Deere management has entered into a distribution agreement with Smart Guided Systems to sell and support the Smart-Apply Intelligent Control System. Dealers of the farm equipment manufacturer are now able to offer farmers a smart control system that is perfectly compatible with the tractors used to till certain crops.

The Smart-Apply Intelligent Spray Control System is an optional kit for sprayers that are towed behind John Deere tractors. The new Smart-Apply system is expected to help reduce the chance of chemical drift and promote accurate dosing of spraying agents when spraying.

"We are pleased to offer this innovative precision spraying solution to our customers for use with our tractors in orchards, tree and nut orchards, nurseries and vineyards where effective treatment is most needed," Greg Christensen, John Deere's marketing manager, told the media when commenting on the news.

Talking about the benefits of the system, the developers emphasize that it provides canopy-only spraying and automatically adjusts spray volume based on plant density in the nozzle area. This allows not only to save spraying substances, but also to increase the potential profit of farmers, besides, as the developers assure, it is environmentally friendly.

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