How to help grain farmers affected by bad weather?

How to help grain farmers affected by bad weather?

Within the framework of the government meeting, Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov gave a number of instructions to support farmers affected by unfavorable weather conditions, reports World of NAN.

Recall that Baiterek Holding is restructuring debts on loans, as well as prolongation of commodity credit through Prodkorporatsiya without penalties to farmers affected by adverse weather conditions. Weather conditions will be recognized as force majeure circumstances

To support farmers, Prime Minister instructed:

- To accelerate the work on payment of subsidies to farmers in full.

- To ensure round-the-clock work on the acceptance of the harvest by grain receiving points and enterprises providing services for drying grain. And take measures to prevent overcharging of tariffs for these services.

- To provide allocation of additional diesel fuel for grain drying at a reduced price of 250 tenge per liter.

- To work out the issue of increasing the authorized capital of Prodkorporatsiya for direct purchase of food and fodder grain of the new harvest.

- Revise the schedules of supplies of cheap grain for bread production.

- The Ministry of Transport and KTZh have been instructed to ensure timely delivery of grain trucks and prevent queues on the railways.

Everything the Prime Minister said sounded good and such support is really necessary, the only thing left is to wait for the proper implementation.

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