KazAgro and the National Agrarian Science and Educational Center signed a memorandum

KazAgro and the National Agrarian Science and Educational Center signed a memorandum

A ceremony of signing a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the National Holding KazAgro and the non-commercial joint-stock company National Agrarian Science and Educational Center was held at the Ministry of Agriculture. The chairs of the board of organizations Yerbol Karashukeyev and Toleutai Rakhimbekov signed the document.

The purpose of cooperation between the parties is to combine common experience and opportunities for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the republic.

In particular, KazAgro and the NASEC will join efforts in the field of searching, identifying and examining effective technologies for replication, transfer of foreign technologies, compiling a list of proven technologies and suppliers, promoting Kazakhstani agricultural scientific products to world and regional markets, and conducting training seminars to increase competencies.

The parties also agreed on cooperation in the formation of technological tasks, the definition of technological trends and the development of recommendations to enhance the efficiency of agribusiness.

According to the agreement, the parties can also cooperate in other areas, for example, jointly determine and approve the list of innovative technologies for agro-industrial complexes aimed at priority funding, conduct scientific support of innovative projects of agricultural producers, consider the possibility of financing agricultural producers trained at the Knowledge center NASEC, exchange data and information to fill the analytical portal of the National Agrarian Science and Educational Center.

In addition, the parties provided for the possibility of creating a joint project “Farmer Care Center”.

It should be noted that the memorandum is concluded for an indefinite period, and came into force from the date of its signing.

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