Kazakhstan on October 24 harvested 19.3 million tons of grain

Kazakhstan on October 24 harvested 19.3 million tons of grain

Kazakhstani farmers harvested 19.3 million tons of grain and grain legume crops as at October 24. This is 13% less (22.2 million tons) than on the same date of last year.

Almost 15.2 (99.4%) million hectares of grain and grain legume crops were harvested; last year on October 24, farmers harvested 14.9 thousand hectares (99.2%) reported the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan. Productivity decreased from 14.9 centners per hectare to the same date last year to 12.7 (18.7%) centners per hectare in the current year. According to the agency, grain harvesting is fully completed in Kyzylorda, West Kazakhstan, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda regions and Kostanai region. At the same time, as Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov explained to “Interfax-Kazakhstan” agency, now grain harvesting has been slower, as grain are being harvested at small peasant farms.

“Generally, large agroformations harvest grain one of the first, so now the rate is slightly reduced. Small (agricultural producers) are gaining volumes. Agricultural producers currently have the opportunity to store grain in their farms, in warehouses, and they are not going to store in grain elevators. This is an additional cost for them. Now they store in grain elevators when they have specific buyers for grain and it will not be stored at elevators for a long time. They ship it for one or two days. Therefore, about this (about the outcome full-time suffering) we can find out by the end of November”, Saparkhan Omarov explained. He also clarified that the full data about the harvest will be known by the end of November.


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