Kazakhstan does not support real manufacturers of agricultural equipment

Kazakhstan does not support real manufacturers of agricultural equipment

Kazakhstani company “BNK Group” together with US-based Nelson Irrigation has launched production of circular and frontal sprinklers in 2023. However, it is facing a tax burden, World of NAN reported.

We all see our agencies vigorously supporting the so-called domestic "manufacturers" of farm machinery. However, the real manufacturers have to ask for the removal of taxes at meetings with top officials because of unfairness in the market.

For example, Niyazali Beisenbayeva, director of BNK Group, said that foreign companies represented on the market have a number of advantages. For example, most contracts concluded with a non-resident company are exempt from VAT and other state duties. 

"Undoubtedly, Kazakhstan needs sprinkler machines of its own production and as soon as possible. We will support the domestic manufacturer in terms of purchasing machinery for the introduction of water-saving technologies in other regions. As for payment of VAT, I instruct the Ministry of Agriculture on my return to Astana to hold a meeting with all interested government agencies to resolve this issue as soon as possible," Serik Zhumangarin replied to the director of the enterprise.

And if the director had not had such an opportunity to address the Deputy Prime Minister? Then the enterprise would hardly be supported. Although it is still worth waiting for the fulfilment of Serik Zhumangarin's instruction, or our "much-respected" officials may forget about it.

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