Kazakhstan scientists have developed a new biofertilizer

Kazakhstan scientists have developed a new biofertilizer

Scientists of the Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry named after U. Uspanova developed a new polyfunctional, environmentally friendly biofertilizer based on microorganisms BioEcoGum PGPR for growing crops in open and protected soil.  This was reported in the National Agrarian Scientific and Educational Center (NASEC).

"The developed natural biofertilizer is characterized by the economy of production and use, as well as environmental safety (non-toxicity), plays an important role in the development of agricultural plants, providing them with mineral nutrition, protects the soil from depletion, restores its natural fertility, increases the percentage of germination of crops, increases yields, improves the consumer properties of agricultural products," - said Deputy General Director for International Relations and Innovation of the Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry Zulfiya Tukenova.

According to her, biofertilizer suppresses the development of phytopathogenic fungi and viruses on plants in arid conditions, promotes the biomass of crops, has antiviral effect and protects agricultural crops from pests.

Biofertilizer has already been successfully introduced in Turkestan region on cotton on the area of 50 hectares, where yield has increased by 30-40%, as well as in Almaty region on the area of 60 hectares, yield has increased by 35-40%, on cereals and corn by 70-80%. The interest of commodity producers in "smart" biofertilizer is obvious. The main reason for the high demand dynamics is a good harvest.

Production testing of innovative technologies of bio-mineral and bioorganic fertilizers for rice and corn cultivation on degraded lands of Almaty, Kyzylorda and Turkestan regions allowed an increase in their productivity from 30 to 90%.

The developed products are in great demand among farmers, where sowing and grazing lands are located, concluded Zulfiya Tukenova.


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