Chaos in the subsidy system: the suffering of farmers continues

Chaos in the subsidy system: the suffering of farmers continues

Farmers have expressed their grievances with the system of interest rate subsidy on credit loans in Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC and KazAgroFinance JSC, World of NAN reports with reference to NCE.

Farmers receive loans from these financial institutions at 24%, of which 18% is subsidized by the state, and the remaining six percent is paid by the borrower from his own funds. However, sometimes due to cash flow gaps in budgetary revenues, the borrower has to pay the entire amount, i.e. 24 percent. This causes difficulties as farmers are deprived of working capital.

"Subsidies do not arrive on time - peasant farms get "overdue", and not through their own fault (they repay their part), but because of the fact that subsidies from the state did not arrive on time. This happens all over the place," said farmer Gulzira Kazylova.

The subsidy rules say that the subsidies must be returned to the borrower within ten working days. But in fact these deadlines are not observed.

"It is written that financial institutions notify the borrower at least five working days before the payment is due that the subsidies have not been received. In fact, however, this is not done. This clause does not work. We are calling them every day," the farmer added.

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs believes that it is necessary to amend the rules on subsidies to relieve farmers of the burden.

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