China is ready to buy stone fruit crops from Kazakhstan

China is ready to buy stone fruit crops from Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan has signed a protocol with the General Administration of Customs of China on export of stone fruit crops, World of NAN reports with reference to the Ministry of Trade.

The Protocol on Phytosanitary Requirements for Export Consignments of Fresh Stone Fruit Crops states that for export, Kazakh fresh stone fruit crops (including peaches and apricots) must comply with all applicable Chinese phytosanitary laws and regulations, health and safety standards, and must not contain quarantine pests or be mixed with soil.

All orchards and packing houses wishing to export stone fruit crops to China must be registered with the MOA and approved by both the MOA and the PRC GACC.

Packaged stone fruit crops should be stored in a stone fruit crop-only box. Each box should be labeled in Chinese or English with the name of the fruit, exporting country, place of production, name or code of the orchard and packing house. Each box and pallet must bear the following text in Chinese or English: "Exported to the People's Republic of China".

Ports of import of Kazakh stone fruit crops are all Chinese ports and airports authorized by the GACC of PRC for import of fruits.

To date, Kazakhstan has signed protocols with China on the export of 23 types of crop and livestock products, including wheat, flax seeds, barley, alfalfa, corn, honey, wool, dairy products, beef, mutton and pork and others.a

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