KTZh is on the verge of survival

KTZh is on the verge of survival

Alikhan Smailov, chairman of the Supreme Audit Chamber of Kazakhstan, said that about two trillion tenge had been spent on the development of the railway industry over the past four years, World of NAN reports.

“Despite significant amounts of allocated funds, it was not enough to ensure uninterrupted and quality provision of the economy's needs in freight and passenger transport,” Alikhan Smailov said.

Today there is a high wear and tear of railway networks, locomotives and wagons. More than four thousand traffic safety violations on main, fixed and access tracks have been recorded for 2020-2023.

"Once self-sufficient company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” due to inefficient and conservative management, ill-considered denationalization is on the verge of survival. All highly profitable services have been transferred into the hands of private companies. The created conditions for excessive intermediaries around KTZh have led to overestimation of the cost of purchased goods and services by more than 80 billion tenge,” Smailov added.

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