The method of obtaining up to three harvests from one area is applied in Saryagash district of Turkestan region

The method of obtaining up to three harvests from one area is applied in Saryagash district of Turkestan region

In Saryagash district, Turkestan region, about 400 farms intend to harvest three crops per year from one area. Now for this purpose an innovative project on 917.6 hectares of land is being implemented. This is reported by MIA "Kazinform" with reference to the regional communications service of Turkestan region. There were collected 36 704 tons of the first production. For the second sowing, 404 farms are already completing works on the area of 921 hectares. In the village Kurkeles farm "Gulshan Apa" sowed cabbage on 1.2 hectares of land, and 80 sotka eggplant. This will be the second harvest. According to the owner of the farm Raimnazar Shonazar, this method allows the farmers to harvest three times a year and achieve great profits.

The largest fertile garden is located in Saryagash district - Agro Food Kazakhstan LLP. The total area of 215 hectares, including the territory of the gardens is about 200 hectares. In particular, 92 ha - apples, 70 ha - peaches, 22 ha - alchee, 13 ha - alchora. The technology of drip irrigation is fully implemented. Last year, 550 tons of products were received, this year 160 tons of fruits have already been collected. In 2016 in the partnership, where work began, permanently employed 100 people. During the season 170 people are working.

More than 60% of the volume of greenhouses in Kazakhstan falls on Saryagash district. This year 665 hectares of greenhouses were sown in the region, 64,860 tons of agricultural products were collected. As a result of painstaking work of the population in the district, this year's s sown area was 69,807 hectares. Now the harvest continues in the district.

There are also farms in the district that receive state grants for livestock breeding development. One of them is a resident of the village Abdurakhmanov Azamat, who received a grant of 505 thousand tenge in 2019, and today is engaged in fattening and increasing the number of livestock in the farmhouse.


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