The Ministry of Industry cares little about deputies

The Ministry of Industry cares little about deputies

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs hosted a meeting of the agro-industrial committee with the participation of deputies. The parties discussed the reduction of subsidies on agricultural machinery, but there was no one from the Ministry of Industry, World of NAN reports citing the NCE.

The government's plans to change subsidies for agricultural machinery will significantly worsen the situation of farmers and affect the pace of renewal of the agricultural machinery fleet.

According to the deputies, the support of domestic manufacturers of machinery should not be to the detriment of farmers' interests. Agrarians have the right to choose the equipment they need according to their financial capabilities, regardless of the country of origin.

The Commission would like to listen to the arguments of the Ministry of Industry, but the ministry simply ignored the meeting and the deputies. There is an impression that the Ministry of Industry does not see any authority not among the ministers who are in favor of the abolition of the utilization fee, not among the deputies who ask them questions. It seems that soon they will ignore the President's instructions as well.

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