Agriculture Ministry will continue to make changes in the subsidy system

Agriculture Ministry will continue to make changes in the subsidy system

The endless changes in the subsidy system of the agro-industrial complex was criticized on the Senate session, but the Ministry of Agriculture will continue with the policy of constant reforms, World of NAN reports.

"The changes were in the way of improvement. There were a number of recommendations from the anti-corruption agency, we have incorporated them too. Every comma counts as a change. That is why we have several passports, for example, we are changing subsidy from 25% to 15% on imported machinery and vice versa from 25% to 30% on domestic machinery. Here are two changes already, and we have many such changes. Also in livestock, crop production, fertilizers, herbicides - subsidies are changing in all areas," explained the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Aidarbek Saparov.

No one is saying why a normal subsidy system couldn't have been established at once. And it's also unclear how farmers can plan for the future in the face of constant reforms. But the Agriculture Ministry is afraid of corruption risks and will continue this policy of constant reforms.

"Now we want less corruption risks. For example, on fertilizers we directly issue subsidies to farmers, now we have made a waiting list on purpose, there is order. We want to further improve the system, not to pay subsidies to farmers, but to the manufacturer. That is, we pay Kazphosphate, then the farmer comes, pays 50% and takes it. We want to do the same for the interest rate. That is, a number of changes will be made towards improvement", - explained the Minister.

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