The Ministry of Agriculture will expand the list of creditable projects

The Ministry of Agriculture will expand the list of creditable projects

The government has launched a project under which farmers can take loans for agrarian projects through authorized agents at a concessional rate of 2.5% for up to 10 years. The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to expand the list of areas, World of NAN reports.

This year, 100 billion tenge was allocated for preferential lending. But all of them went to the construction and modernization of dairy farms. According to the rules, the project includes such areas as the construction of dairy farms (from 400 heads), vegetable storages (from 1 thousand tons), poultry farms of meat direction (from 5 thousand tons of meat per year) and projects of irrigated farming.

In the next year of 2024, 100 billion tenge will be allocated, and the list of creditable areas will be expanded. Thus, it will include meat cattle breeding, fruit storages (from 1 thousand tons), intensive horticulture (apple orchards, fruit and berry crops from 5 hectares). It will also include greenhouse complexes, fish farms for fish and other aquatic animals (from 25 tons of marketable fish per year), enterprises for deep processing of agricultural products, including wool and hides.

Experienced farmers will have a much better chance of getting a loan. One of the selection criteria is that the applicant or the founder of the applicant's enterprise has at least five years of work experience in the production or processing of agricultural products. Also, the main criteria for selecting projects in the agro-industrial complex are: sectoral feasibility, taking into account import substitution of socially important food products; providing the region's population with high-quality and affordable food products; creating temporary and permanent jobs.

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