Ministry of Trade proposes to abolish regulation of food prices

Ministry of Trade proposes to abolish regulation of food prices

The Ministry of Trade proposes to abolish state regulation of prices of socially important food products, World of NAN reports.

According to Vice-Minister of Trade Aizhan Bizhanova, work is currently underway to phase out state regulation of prices for socially important food products with a transition to targeted assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population.

"We propose at the legislative level to abolish the mechanism of price regulation for SIFP in two stages. We are talking about the refusal to establish price caps and thresholds. From the first half of 2024 it is proposed to abandon the establishment of ceiling prices for nine goods, where there is 100% domestic production is: salt, flour, cones, buckwheat groats, rice, bread, milk, potatoes, eggs," - explained the Vice-Minister.

From July 2025 for 10 more goods: carrots, onions, cabbage, sunflower oil and butter, beef, chicken, kefir, cottage cheese, sugar. The corresponding amendments have already been introduced in the Majilis. At the same time, the state will retain control over 15% of the trade markup, and toughen responsibility for non-compliance.

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