The Ministry of Agriculture will examine Kazakhstan's meat processors to open exports to China

The Ministry of Agriculture will examine Kazakhstan's meat processors to open exports to China

The Ministry of Agriculture of the RoK intends to organize an inspection of Kazakhstan's meat processing enterprises, including pork complexes, according to an updated algorithm in order to expand exports of Kazakhstan's meat products to China. This was announced on Facebook by Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Gulmira Isayeva.

"Previously, to include Kazakhstan's meat processing enterprises, experts of the Main Customs Administration (MCA) of the People's Republic of China went directly to the enterprises for inspection. Before that, applications and questionnaires with necessary documents were sent to the MCA of PRC for the first so-called documentary control. The enterprises corresponding following the results of documentary control of the RK were selected by specialists of the MCA of the PRC for the second stage - field inspection", - said the Vice-Minister.

Thus, according to her, 9 Kazakh enterprises were included in the Register of MCA of China.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused difficulties in conducting field inspections, the Ministry of Agriculture suggested using other tools to include Kazakh enterprises in the Register of the State Customs Service of the PRC on various types of agricultural products, for example, the inclusion under warranty of the appropriate Kazakh service. It should be noted that veterinary and phytosanitary quarantine requirements have been agreed for 19 types of agricultural products. As a result of May negotiations, the State Technical University of China included 38 new Kazakhstan enterprises on production and processing of crop products into the Register under the guarantee of phytosanitary service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As Gulmira Isayeva noted, the Chinese party within several years includes fish processing enterprises of RoK under the guarantee of veterinary service of RoK. Now the following algorithm of inclusion in the Register of MCA of the People's Republic of China is developed for meat-processing enterprises.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK sends applications for registration of enterprises to MCA of PRC for full verification, officially confirming full compliance with the requirements of the Chinese side. In early June, the Ministry of Agriculture sent to MCA of PRC an updated list of 34 Kazakh enterprises (30 meat processing and 4 pig breeding), received from industry associations, unions and individual enterprises. Also applications with all necessary documents for registration of enterprises in the Register of MCA of PRC were sent for full verification.

For official confirmation of the Ministry of full conformity of enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the requirements of the Chinese side the inspection checklist was prepared, according to which the Kazakh inspectors will check the conformity of enterprises to the requirements of the MCA of PRC. This list was sent on July 3 to Atameken NCE, branch public associations: Association of meat processing enterprises of Kazakhstan, Meat Union of Kazakhstan, Association of exporters of agricultural products for approval.

"At present, it is expected that this checklist will be approved by the abovementioned public organisations. Therefore, we ask industry public associations to consider the forwarded checklist in an expedited manner, to give their proposals and be ready to discuss it," Gulmira Isayeva wrote.

She specified that the coordination of requirements will allow the Ministry of Agriculture to form a schedule of inspections of the above enterprises by Kazakhstan veterinary specialists.

"It should be noted that after the completion of the inspection, the Chinese side will selectively double-check the enterprises themselves, as well as the products they export to China will be selectively checked by specialists of the MCA of China at the checkpoints for compliance with all requirements. If it is found that the products do not meet the Chinese requirements at the checkpoints, the Chinese side has the right to prohibit further importation of products from the enterprise where the products were manufactured," said the vice-minister.

According to her information, visits of the advance team to the regions will begin in late July.


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