Elevators have 80% of grain of the fifth class

Elevators have 80% of grain of the fifth class

In Kostanai region only half of the bread fields have been harvested. Elevators are working round the clock, but the quality of grain leaves much to be desired, World of NAN reports with reference to

Grain has sprouted practically on the root, mostly grain of class 5 with high moisture comes to the elevators. According to approximate data, 80% of the crop is of 5th class, and only a small share of 4th class. There is very little of class 3 this year. The elevators are working around the clock because the germinated grain requires 3-stage drying.

"It is a very heavy load, because it is impossible to dry in 1 stage. It turns out we dry from 20 to 17, from 17 to 14, from 14 to 12. The germination process can only be stopped by shock drying. We save the 3rd and 4th grade for processing. And the 5th class, we just provide services to farmers, so that they could dry and save at least something", - said the general director of the grain receiving point Kuan Eskairov.

There are 37 grain receiving points and more than 300 grain dryers in farms working non-stop in the region. As of today, half of grain fields have been threshed in the region. The average yield is slightly more than 9 centners per hectare.

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