Diesel fuel prices have risen back again

Diesel fuel prices have risen back again

According to the monitoring agency Energyprom, at the end of March 2024, prices for diesel fuel in Kazakhstan rose by 15.1%, the World of NAN reports.

Thus, diesel fuel prices rose the most in Almaty by 28.3%, as well as in Kyzylorda region - 27.6% and Zhambyl region - 24.8%. The lowest price increase was noted in Atyrau region - 1.1% for the year.

Naturally, farmers were allocated preferential fuel in the amount of 340 thousand tons. In addition, the Ministry of Energy set a single price for all regions - 250 tenge. But in practice, we know that the allocated diesel fuel is not enough for farmers, and operators refuse to sell it. Therefore, farmers should be ready to increase costs.

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