Illegal use of water caused damage worth millions of tenge

Illegal use of water caused damage worth millions of tenge

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation has identified violations in the Kazvodkhoz branch of the Zhambyl region, the materials will be transferred to the authorities, World of NAN reports with reference to the department.

During the audit, about 10 facts of illegal use of water resources were revealed. This led to losses of millions of tenge.

In addition, in the Shusk district it was found that the branch underestimated the volume of irrigation water supplied in the contracts concluded for its supply. As a result, the farmer under-received water by 0.4 million cubic metres.

For 2023, the underestimation of irrigation water supplied amounted to more than 25 million cubic meters. In turn, the difference between water supplied to canals and water sold was accounted as losses. At the same time, the contracts concluded by the branch in Zhambyl district last year overestimated specific water consumption rates. Illegal actions with documents were also discovered. 

The Ministry began to fight against violations in the management of water resources, the “black market” of water and corruption risks in the water industry. Checks will also be carried out at other branches.

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