Domestic agro-industrial complex increased its production rate despite the pandemic

Domestic agro-industrial complex increased its production rate despite the pandemic

According to the results of 9 months of this year, the volume of gross agricultural output increased by 5% and amounted to 4.4 trillion tenge. This was stated by Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov at the last session of the Government, announcing the results of agro-industrial complex development in 2020, reports the World of NAN.

According to the Minister, the growth was mainly due to the increase of production volume in crop production by 7% (2.5 trillion tenge).

"The volume of gross output of animal husbandry during this period increased by 2.7% and made up KZT 1.9 trln. The volume of meat production in live weight has increased by 3.8%, milk - over 3%. Production of food products increased by 3.5 % up to 1.4 trillion tenge", Saparkhan Omarov said.

In particular, according to the minister, production of processed rice increased by 54.5% (up to 149.9 thousand tons), sausage products - by 19.6% (up to 43.5 thousand tons), butter cream - by 14.2% (up to 17.3 thousand tons, poultry meat - by 11.4% (to 78.9 thousand tons), crops- by 10.9% (to 66.9 thousand tons), macaroni - by 10.9% (to 136.2 thousand tons), flour - by 7.4% (to 2.4 million tons), fermented milk products - by 5.2% (to 165.9 thousand tons).

"Investments in fixed assets of agriculture increased by 15.1% and exceeded 380 billion tenge. Investments in food production increased by 17.2% and reached almost 65 billion tenge", - concluded Saparkhan Omarov.

The figures voiced by the Minister, even if they are based on the results of 9 months instead of the whole year, show that Kazakhstan's agricultural industry has survived the pandemic and even continues to increase production volumes.

Against the general decline of Kazakhstan's GDP, agriculture appears to be one of the most stable and reliable sectors of the economy, which may be regarded by new investors as a favorable sign, given the impressive plans of the state to digitalize and formalize this sector.

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