Number one in the EAEU, but in terms of rising food prices

Number one in the EAEU, but in terms of rising food prices

For the second year, Kazakhstan retains its anti-leadership in the Eurasian Economic Union in terms of food inflation, reports World of NAN with reference to

Over January-December last year in Kazakhstan consumer prices for food rose by 15.2%, while in the EAEU as a whole - by only 5.7%.

The list of the most rapidly rising prices includes meat, dairy products, cereals, bakery and confectionery products. It is noteworthy that for most of these categories Kazakhstan ensures food security and does not depend on imports.

For example, the cost of milk and dairy products in Kazakhstan rose by 21.1% last year. In warring Russia, "dairy" rose in price by only 2.6%, while in Belarus - by 9%. Moreover, a big difference in the dynamics of prices for livestock products between the countries is formed at the level of farmers' selling prices. Thus, according to the EEC analysts, the increase in the cost of livestock products in the EAEU last year was at the level of 4.3%, while in Kazakhstan - by 7.2%.

The rise in the price of cereals, bread, flour, pasta and confectionery products in Kazakhstan stands out significantly from the general inflationary background of the Union. The Republic, which is a major exporter of grain, cannot keep the rise in prices for flour in the country. Last year, flour rose in price by 14.4%, while in the EAEU as a whole there was even a slight decrease in price - by 1.4%.

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