The first in the CIS, but in terms of costliness

The first in the CIS, but in terms of costliness

The cost of a kilogram of apples in Kazakhstan amounted to 1.22 US dollars - the highest price among all CIS countries participating in the rating. Prices within the country increased by 17% over the year, World of NAN reports with reference to

The cheapest apples are in the warring Ukraine, where a kilogram of apples costs $0.69 in November this year. Belarus with the cost of $0.95, Azerbaijan ($1.14), Armenia ($1.15), Russia ($1.15) and Uzbekistan ($1.2) are also in the rating.

In October of this year, apples in Kazakhstan fell in price by 2.1% over the month and at the same time rose in price by 16.5% over the year. In the regional context in the monthly dynamics of price growth was recorded in 7 out of 20 regions of the country, the largest - in Shymkent: by 8.6%. In another 5 regions prices remained at the level of last month.

In the annual dynamics of apple price increase was observed in 16 regions. The highest annual price increase was recorded in Shymkent (plus 48.6%), as well as in Zhetysu (plus 43.4%) and Zhambyl (plus 37.7%) regions.

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