Prices of social products are declining according to the Government

Prices of social products are declining according to the Government

The current price situation for socially important food products was discussed at a meeting in the Government. Prices for social products in the country are falling, World of NAN reports.

“Over the week, prices decreased by 10 types of goods: cabbage (9.7%), onions (1.3%), buckwheat (1.1%), chicken meat (0.6%), rice (0.4% ), sunflower oil (0.4%), horns (0.2%), sugar, cottage cheese and flour (0.1% each). Overall, the general price index for basic food products in Kazakhstan decreased by 0.1%. The decrease was noted in 11 regions, especially significant in Almaty, Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan and West Kazakhstan. Prices for butter, beef, salt and eggs remained stable,” said First Vice Minister of Trade and Integration Aizhan Bizhanova.

In the southern regions, the early harvest is already beginning. As Vice Minister of Agriculture Erbol Taszhurekov noted, the harvest of early potatoes is expected to be 219 thousand tons, cabbage - 105 thousand tons, carrots - 32 thousand tons, onions - 66 thousand tons. This volume is enough to cover the needs of the population in June-July.

“To ensure direct supplies of vegetables to megacities from producers, a list of agricultural producers has been formed in Akmola, Almaty, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Zhetysu, Karaganda, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan and Turkestan regions. There are more than 900 enterprises in total. All data was transferred to the akimats of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent for further contracting of vegetable supplies,” said Erbol Taszhurekov.

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