Irrigation water will be sufficient this season

Irrigation water will be sufficient this season

The limits approved at the interstate level for Kazakhstan and the forecast operation regime of transboundary water bodies are aimed at providing irrigation water to farmers in Turkestan, Kyzylorda and Zhambyl regions without any losses in the season, World of NAN reports with reference to the government.

In accordance with the agreements reached with the Uzbekistan side, the filling of the Shardara reservoir this year has been increased by 300 million m3 and remains at 4.8 km3, the average water inflow for May was 350 m3/s (90 m3/s in 2023).

In total for April-May, the Shardara reservoir received 1.4 km3 of water, which is 2 times more than in the same period last year. The limit of water supply to the Kazakh part of the Dostyk canal is set at 922 million m3.

In addition, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are working on signing a schedule of operation regime of the reservoir "Bakhri Tojik" for July-August this year, which will ensure guaranteed water supply to these two objects.

Taking into account hydrological forecasts and current filling of reservoirs of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Kirov, Orto-Tokoy), for Kazakhstan approved water supply on the Talas River in the amount of 380 million m3, which is more than last year's level by 44 million m3.

On the Shu River for the current year for our country is provided volume of 180 million m3, which is also higher than in 2023 by 26 million m3.

Irrigation works have already started, it is forecasted that the approved water supply volumes will ensure qualitative passage of the growing season.

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