Rising sea levels threaten hundreds of millions

Rising sea levels threaten hundreds of millions

Against the backdrop of the increasing climate crisis and accelerated melting of ice, the findings published in Nature Communications has shown that during the 21st century, sea levels around the world will rise by 0.6 m-2.1 m, if not higher. This is almost three times more than previous estimates, reports CNN.  

As a result of melting ice, the water of the World Ocean may rise by 2.1 m. According to new estimates, by 2100 the land, where 187 million people live will completely go below the high tide line, rendering those coastal areas all but unlivable. Entire coastal cities and islands in the Pacific may be submerged, which meant new waves of mass migration.

Approximately 70% of the population, which will face annual flooding and constant flooding, is located in 8 Asian countries: China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, according to the study. 19 other countries, including Brazil and the UK are under threat.

Benjamin Strauss, head of Climate Central and one of the co-authors of the study said that these affected regions need to take immediate action to avoid the impending "economic and humanitarian catastrophe."

 And by 2050, land, where currently live about 300 million people, will fall below the average annual coastal flood. It means that they can collide with severe floods at least once a year.

Greenland glaciers, one of the largest in the world, are melting rapidly, which subsequently lose 275 gigatons per year on average from 2006 to 2015. The larger Antarctic ice sheet, which for 2007-2016 lost three times more mass than in the previous 10 years.

Also, rising sea levels have an impact on agriculture, as farmers can no longer grow certain crops. Millions of people may face a worldwide problem: food, water, disease outbreaks, and economic disruption.


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