Subsidy rules have been changed 50 times in recent years

Subsidy rules have been changed 50 times in recent years

This was stated by the Chairman of the Senate of Parliament, Mr. Maulen Ashimbayev, at a plenary session of the Senate, World of NAN reports.

According to him, in the last five years, a total of 1.8 trillion tenge has been allocated from the state budget to subsidize agriculture, while 1.3 trillion tenge has been secured for the next three years.

"We annually allocate huge funds to the agro-industrial sector. It is hard to find another sector where such money is allocated. At the same time, food imports have grown 1.5 times over the past five years. There are certain improvements here, but we still have problems. Therefore, under these conditions, it is essential to ensure the growth of processing enterprises in agriculture," said Maulen Ashimbayev.

According to the Chairman of the Senate, several conditions are necessary to achieve this goal and first of all it is the rational use of funds that are allocated from the state budget.

"The rules of subsidizing have been changed 50 times in recent years. It is clear that this does not favorably affect the mood of farmers, but creates additional difficulties. Besides, the agricultural program documents have been changed three times in recent years. If we are constantly changing approaches to subsidies, if we change program documents, against the background of allocating huge funds, how effective will it all work?", - asks the chairman of the Senate.

In his opinion, the Ministry of Agriculture needs to organize its work in such a way that there is a clear and consistent line for the medium term, which will be adhered to by the agency. So that all farmers understand what kind of assistance will be provided by the state. The sector needs a consistent and predictable state policy.

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