Project "From the field to the counter": 3 billion tenge allocated for the development of the cooperative chain in three regions of the country


The enterprises that will receive loans under the pilot project "From the field to the counter" have been identified. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Board of NCE "Atameken" Yeldar Zhumagaziev on his social network page.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the National Chamber, on May 11, 2020, the head of state instructed the government to launch a pilot project in several regions in cooperation with Atameken to develop a cooperative chain in the village "from the field to the counter. Then three pilot regions - Almaty, Zhambyl and Turkestan - were identified, in which regional project offices were established from representatives of the RCE (Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs), APC (Agricultural Production Cooperative) , regional farmers' unions of Kazakhstan, FSFA (Fund of Financial Support of Agriculture), DSR (Department of State Revenues) and relevant departments of LEB (Local Executive Bodies).

Deputy Akims of the pilot regions were appointed as Chairpersons of the project offices.

3 billion tenge were allocated for financing this project from the state reserve, i.e. 1 billion tenge for each region. These funds will be used for crediting trade networks and manufacturers, which in future will purchase agricultural products from small farms and private farms for further processing and sale to consumers at an affordable (fixed) price.

According to Yeldar Zhumagaziyev, the pilot project in Almaty region will be implemented through lending to major producers of food products. Six enterprises-manufacturers, which will be granted loans in the amount of KZT 1 billion for the further supply of 11 items of food products to trade facilities identified by the akimat, have been preliminary identified. According to calculations, it will allow to provide firm sales of up to 25% of the volume of manufactured products of domestic producers.

In Zhambyl region wholesale distribution center (WDS) "Zhambyl" and three retail facilities have been preliminarily identified, which have 43 units of branch networks and retail outlets ("Vkusnaya Korzinka" has 27 retail networks, 3000 sq. m. of warehouse space; "Firkan" has five retail networks, 1000 sq. m. of warehouse space; "Imperiya" has 11 social boutiques at socio-entrepreneurial corporation (SEC) "Taraz").

Through these trade enterprises it is planned to provide a loan for purchase of 10 items of food products from the domestic producers. According to preliminary calculations, it will allow to ensure firm sales up to 23% of the domestic producers' production volume.

In the Turkestan region, eight manufacturers have been tentatively identified, which will supply about 10 items of food products to the trade facilities.

In turn, small farms and private farms will be financed under the programme "Yenbek" through the Fund for financial support of agriculture. KZT 4.5 billion are reserved for these purposes.

"This project will allow small farms, private farms to provide firm sales for their products to the processing enterprises and its subsequent implementation through the trade networks.

So far, the project is at the stage of implementation, and these findings are preliminary and will be further verified.

Unfortunately, the results of the work being done are affected by the epidemiological situation. Many colleagues are ill and physically unable to take part in the project. The deadline for pilot completion is September 30! We are optimistic and will make every effort to make the pilot project from next year to move to a full-fledged state program! - summed up Yeldar Zhumagaziev.


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