Direct contracts with Kazvodkhoz reduce water costs

Direct contracts with Kazvodkhoz reduce water costs

From 2024, the cost of irrigation water supply services for farmers in the south of the country has been reduced. This has been made possible through direct contracts between consumers and Kazvodkhoz, reports World of NAN with reference to the Ministry of Water Resources.

Direct contracts allow to exclude intermediaries, and the cost of services for consumers becomes cheaper. Farmers see the benefit in the agreements concluded by law.

"First of all, this is a document that protects the rights of the agrarian. For example, last year, farms that had an agreement in case of emergency received compensation without problems. In addition, water in "Kazvodkhoz" is very cheap. We pay for services non-cash. This ensures transparency of financial turnover. Therefore, I advise agrarians to sign contracts with Kazvodkhoz in advance," said farmer Adilet Zhylkybekov.

To date, "Kazvodkhoz" has concluded contracts for water supply with 1,740 farms in the south of Kazakhstan. In the rest of the regions, work on concluding contracts will begin in March.

"Kazvodkhoz" enterprise plans to conclude contracts with more than 19 thousand consumers for the irrigation period of 2024. In all regions from April irrigation water supply will begin", - said Vice-Minister of Water Resources Nurlan Aldamzharov.

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