Expansion of Maki poultry farm will strengthen food security of Kazakhstan - A. Mamin

Expansion of Maki poultry farm will strengthen food security of Kazakhstan - A. Mamin

Prime Minister Askar Mamin took part in the opening of the second stage of the Makinsky poultry farm during his work visit to Makinsk, Bulandinsky district of Akmola region, World of NAN reports with reference to the press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.

After the expansion, the poultry farm has become the largest enterprise in terms of production volumes of chicken meat in Central Asia. Processing capacity of up to 9 thousand broilers per hour allows increasing production of poultry meat from 25 thousand to 60 thousand tons per year, covering up to 22% of the needs of the domestic market of Kazakhstan and reducing the share of imports from 42% to 33%. Number of permanent jobs at the enterprise was increased from 800 to 1370 people with the commissioning of the 2nd stage.

Makinskaya poultry farm is the largest investment project of Kazakhstan in the sphere of production and processing of poultry meat.

"The total volume of investments in the 1st and 2nd stages of the enterprise exceeded 48.5 billion tenge. Realization of plans on construction of the 3rd stage in 2023 will increase capacity of the enterprise up to 100 thousand tons of poultry meat a year, which will stimulate development of plant growing and creation of work places in allied sectors. The expansion project will attract more than 40 billion tg of investment," the report states.

"By 2024, we should fully provide the domestic market with basic foodstuffs of domestic production, including poultry meat. Further expansion of production capacity of Makinsky poultry farm will strengthen food security of Kazakhstan," Askar Mamin noted.

In the course of the working visit the Prime Minister gave a start to the work of the plant for the production of combined feed LLP "Makinskaya poultry farm". The cost of the project - 4,7 billion tg, design capacity - 150 thousand tons per year.

In the nearest years 12 new poultry farms will be put into operation in the republic with total capacity of 175 thousand tons of production per year. This will completely solve the issues of import substitution of poultry meat.

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