A sharp drop in the cost of grain crops has been noted in Russia

A sharp drop in the cost of grain crops has been noted in Russia

In Russia, prices for three major types of cereals have fallen sharply, despite the stabilization of the situation with the dollar-ruble exchange rate and export duties on these crops, reports World of NAN with reference to field.rf.

Recall that Russia is Kazakhstan's main competitor on export markets in Central Asia.

The low price of Russian wheat puts pressure on the pricing of domestic grains.

Last week, the largest decrease was shown in wheat prices. Especially it affected the third class. Its price dropped the most in Volga - by 1,189 to 10,295 rubles (at the current exchange rate of 51,734 tenge).

In other directions, the drop was noticeably smaller. In the south in Stavropol, Rostov and Krasnodar, the price of "troika" fell by 838 rubles to 12,029 rubles (60,448 tenge).

This year was especially hard for Kazakhstan grain growers. Drought and pests raged in different regions, and it rained during the harvesting period. The last straw for them will be the low cost of wheat.

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