Fish breeding – a new phase of profitable business in Kazakhstan

Fish breeding – a new phase of profitable business in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan creates the most favorable conditions for fish farming in Kazakhstan, World of NAN reports. During the briefing at the Central Communications Service, Nariman Zhunusov, Chairman of the Fishery Committee of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan stated.

According to him, rules for transition of fishery reservoirs from fishery to marketable fishery have already been approved. Also the right of commercial fishery plot user for cage farming is stipulated by legislation. To all this a standard contract for fish farming has been approved and a definite term of conclusion has been set - 49 years.

"Previously the term of the contract varied from 5 to 49 years. And this uncertainty didn't give business confidence in the future and held back attraction of investments", - explained Mr. Nariman Junusov

He added that unnecessary requirements for fish farmers as part of the plans for the development of fisheries are excluded. The only requirement to fish farmers for today: to grow the established volumes of fish in accordance with a certain biological basis in the context of each year. Also the restrictions on the location of fish farms in the water protection zone have been removed, the requirements for development of design and estimate documentation and obtaining of state expertise during the construction of fish ponds and pools have been excluded.

"In addition, business is exempted from compensation for losses during construction of fish farms on agricultural land. Along with existing measures of state support such as subsidies of 30% of the cost of feed and reimbursement of 25% of the cost of investment in the purchase of machinery and equipment for fish farms, "- said the representative of the agency about the work done.

These measures are also supplemented by new types of subsidies of up to 50% of the cost of fish-biological substantiation; acquisition of planting material; medicines; as well as costs for the purchase and maintenance of breeding stock of valuable fish species.

"We are creating the most favorable conditions for fish farming in Kazakhstan so we encourage fishery entities, investors and all willing businessmen to fish farming taking into account annual growth of fish production and increasing demand for it," chairman of the Fishery Committee said.

If you are interested in fish farming, you can contact the Committee of Fishery and its territorial divisions with all available questions. Coordinates and contact information can be found on the website of the department.

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