NASEC wants to process and export locusts to other countries

NASEC wants to process and export locusts to other countries

The Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine, together with colleagues from Germany, have conducted research on the collection and paralysing of locusts using special devices, the World of NAN reports with reference to APK News.

"Currently, according to UN estimates, more than 2 billion people in the world eat locusts: in Africa, South America, Asia, some Islamic countries," Baurzhan Kasenov, chairman of the National Agrarian Scientific and Educational Centre, an expert of APK, told the agency.

The NASEC clarified that they do not suggest Kazakhstanis eat locusts, but want to start processing and exporting locusts to Thailand and a number of other countries.

As noted in the Ministry of Agriculture, Kazakhstan retains the risk of locusts spreading from border areas. As an example, on 18 June, Aktobe Oblast detected the arrival of pests from the Orenburg Oblast. The Ministry sent a letter to the Russian Federation on the need for additional control over the spread of locusts in the border area.

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