Northern Kazakhstan establishes trade relations with EAEU countries

Northern Kazakhstan establishes trade relations with EAEU countries

The Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy published information on trade turnover between the EAEU countries and the North Kazakhstan region.

In the first 9 months of 2019, the volume of trade between the North Kazakhstan oblast and the EAEU amounted to $ 259.6 million. Of these, imports amounted to $ 218.5 million, exports to $ 41.1 million.

The strongest trade relations at the North-Kazakhstan region are developing with Russia. Of the total turnover, 96% falls on the Russian Federation, 3% on Belarus and 1% on Kyrgyzstan.

Products worth $ 211.02 million were imported from Russia to the NKR, while the region exported goods worth only $ 38.35 million. This year, Belarus sold $ 7.162 million worth of goods in the NKR, and purchased just $ 500,000. The situation with Kyrgyzstan is different: export from North Kazakhstan oblast ($ 2.21 million) exceeds import ($ 343,000).

As previously noted by the portal, there is a shortage of goods between the North Kazakhstan region and the EAEU countries. The fact is that exports to the Union countries are 5.49 times lower than imported products from these countries.

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