Will farmers be able to take a loan after the extension?

Will farmers be able to take a loan after the extension?

The issues of loan extension and financing for the next sowing season were discussed at the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanai region, World of NAN reports with reference to NCE.

According to the agrarians, many questions arise on Credit Partnerships, how they will finance in 2024, because if the previous loans have not been repaid, and all participants are bound to subsidiary liability and CP can not go beyond its limit. The partnership has done the rollover, but what next?

"According to the rules, if the amount owed is less than 900 million tenge and the client has additional collateral, his application for a new loan is considered. If the amount exceeds 900 million tenge, the decision is made by the central office. But there is no unambiguous ban on financing farmers who prolonged loans. There may be a question of additional collateral, - explained the deputy head of the ACC for the Kostanai region Mels Baibolov.

In this case, ACC with its funds will repay to the budget loans prolonged to farmers, there is also the possibility to finance, but already under the borrowed funds at 22%, but taking into account subsidies will turn out for farmers 6%.

"KazAgroFinance" does not have the ability to issue a new loan until the agrarian does not repay the extended loan amount, but there is a technical delay of payment without deterioration of the financial situation for 3 months.

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