Specialists from the USA shared their experience in forage production

Specialists from the USA shared their experience in forage production

The main topic of the conference was soybean, and the Americans spoke about the benefits of using the crop in animal diets and how to process it, World of NAN reports.

In the U.S., soybean meal is used most of all in pig farming, dairy farming and meat poultry farming.

"Soybean meal has the most amino acids, which are essential for animal growth. Soybean meal contains more protein than other types of meal, so it is the easiest to digest in the body. Soybeans are also the easiest to obtain," explains the popularity of soybeans in the United States, Dr. Alan Pook.

Kazakhstan is familiar with soybeans, with more than 200,000 hectares planted annually. However, yields leave much to be desired. If in the USA the average yield is over 30 c/ha, in Kazakhstan it is 20-21 c/ha. And high yields are typical only for Almaty region, other regions can only dream of such figures.

"Yield depends on different factors - it is agronomic knowledge, equipment, moisture level. Soybeans are a moisture-loving crop, but there are hybrids that yield even in dry times. In crop rotation, the crop is very useful for soil maintenance. In the USA, corn is alternated with soybeans," said Dr. Alan Pook.

During the conference, experts from the USA also spoke about ways of efficient soybean processing and shared the results of livestock feeding trials.

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