Students from Kazakhstan are in preparation to practice in Germany

Students from Kazakhstan are in preparation to practice in Germany

Students of the Higher Innovation Agricultural College "Ertis" – the former Krasnoarmeysky Agricultural Technical College are preparing for a trip to Germany. Discussion on Skype with representatives of the German Academy of Agriculture DEULA-Nienburg begins in two weeks. Students of the agricultural college were introduced details about all the stages of preparation for an interview and about the internship.

“What documents are needed to obtain a national student visa (Kazakhstanis can stay there for 6 to 12 months), what are the features of behavior in another country, how to overcome cultural shock. In a word, there are many nuances, and we tried to raise all sides. It is important for us that the students take this opportunity as successfully as possible, to prove yourself, and of course, leave a good impression about our college and our country", a college Director Serik Zhartybayev said.

Now students are engaging in intensive language training, an experienced teacher was invited to college for this purpose. Also at the meeting, students were reminded that they will have to obtain a visa on their own, the college will provide advisory assistance and support. The scholarship holder buys a ticket to Germany, but all other expenses are taking by the German side. This is not only food, accommodation, medical insurance, but also full training, selection of a place of practice, a monthly scholarship of 500 euros. It is possible that students will receive bonuses from the employer. The Academy also buys a return ticket.


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